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New and Improved!

New and Improved!

Welcome to our new, improved, and easy on the eyes White Tail Resort website! Learn all about our family nudist community, experience our amenities and facilities, make reservations, and contact us for any questions you may have! We now offer a calendar, which exploits all of our day and night time activities. We have 2 pools, which offer many swimming activities and sunbathing the natural way. Our resort also offers billiards, ping pong, video game nights, movie nights, karaoke, festive holidays, and so much more!

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  1. Stephen says:

    Been to Whitetail a couple times and brought my gf the last time. I am looking to retire in a few and am hoping to become a member by next year. The best place to feel at home and the people are the best!

  2. Mrcat says:

    Is this a true family resort ? I want to introduce some friends to nudeism and they have kids. Is this the place to do that ?

  3. Larry M says:

    Yes, Mrcat, as its title suggests, White Tail truly is a family nudist resort. Besides the pools and pool toys, there is a well-maintained playground. The kids are likely to meet others and have a pleasant stay.

  4. Doc b moose says:

    They have a free day but 1 time use they don’t tell u that i when out the 2th time wanted me to pay if its free duh do it drove a long way i left never to go again

    • whitetail says:

      Your first visit is a paid visit. However if you have the printed pass off our website you will not have to pay on your second visit. Even if you don’t have the printed pass you need to tell us it is your second visit and we can verify that and give you credit as well. We don’t ask the customer due to we have many visitors each day and can’t ask each one, but if the customer tells us we can surely check our system and honor the 2nd free visit.

  5. Paul says:

    I have a stressful work assignment coming up in the Hampton Roads area. Can I stop in for the day on my way down to HRs area? Do I make a reservation for a day visit?

    • whitetail says:

      You may come by for a day visit any day of the week. We would like you to call ahead to be put on the list for the day you expect to come.

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